Ajwain – A Single Home Remedy With Multiple Health Benefits
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Ajwain – A Single Home Remedy With Multiple Health Benefits!

Say goodbye to annoying stomach issues as ajwain is here to rescue you. Whether taken in raw or powdered form, it has the same curative effect on the upset stomach and gastrointestinal issues. For those who desire for optimum health benefits out of this herb should better consider adding it to their daily meal plan. Let’s explore more about this annual herb that has a lot to offer to our health.

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Ajwain – Its Rich History, Cultivation & More!

Ajwain has a long history of serving Indian and Middle-Eastern kitchens with its flavourful taste that makes dishes tastier and healthier. It is an annual herb with “Trachyspermum Ammi” as a scientific name. It is also known by different names such as ajowan, bishop’s weed, carom seed and several others among countries. Ajwain has first originated in eastern Mediterranean countries, possibly Egypt and slowly its use has been spread to India and other Middle-Eastern nations.

This plant belongs to the family of Apiaceae and grows up to 2-3 feet in height. Its little white-petaled flowers grow to oval-shaped seeds after getting matured. Usually, these ajwain seeds which comprise of essential oil like thymol are harvested in the late winters or just at the start of spring.

Ajwain’s Nutrition Facts That Will Hold Your Attention!

The carom seeds are a rich source of minerals, fibre, vitamins and anti-oxidants and extensively used to treat cough, flatulence and indigestion problems.It is also a good source of protein. The nutrition chart below will shed more light on its nutritional value!

Nutritional Value of 100 grams of Ajwain equals to:

Source: onlyfoods

Some of the Less-Known Health Benefits of Ajwain!

1. A Perfect Acidity Regulator:

Ajwain Health Properties


Ajwain is an excellent acidity regulator. Mixing one table spoon of ajwain seeds with same quantity of cumin seeds and a little amount of ginger powder is an excellent remedy for indigestion problems. It’s a natural and effective way of treating acid reflux and acidity issues.

2. Getting Rid of Constipation Has Made Possible With Ajwain:

The diseases like constipation are complicated but cannot withstand ajwain seeds as these carom seeds are equipped with high amounts of fibre. It acts at the core of the problem by resolving digestion issues and thus, greatly reducing the chances of constipation.

3. A Single Solution For The Various Kidney Disorders:

Carom seeds are being consumed since ancient times for getting rid of kidney stones. They also act as painkillers and their efficacy to lower pain due to kidney disorders have been supported by many clinical trials.

4. Viable Asthma Treatment Without Any Side Effects:

Asthma is a life-threatening disease but with a regular consumption of carom seeds with warm water, its symptoms can be reduced to a great extent. Since, ajwain acts to give immediate relief from cold, cough and mucus, it is widely used in treating bronchitis and asthma. Consuming it with jaggery brings relief from complex respiratory health conditions.

6. Mouth Problems Can’t Withstand Ajwain:

Floss your mouth every day with a mixture of carom oil and clove oil and say goodbye to the recurring tooth ache, bad odour and decay.These seeds have the powerful effects for maintaining oral hygiene and relieving from annoying tooth issues.




When your ultimate aim is to achieve a holistic health,it is a good option. Whether it is about getting rid of eczema, itching, arthritis, irregular menses, diarrhoea or severe viral infections, the seeds always serve in the best interests. You will definitely be pleased after getting a miraculous cure (ajwain) in your kitchen.

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