Amchoor And Its Less-Known Health Benefits
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Amchoor And Its Less-Known Health Benefits

Do you remember the Amchoor, Its sweet and sour taste? Well, Amchoor is basically a mango powder used to season chat, curd, dumplings, fried stuff, baked stuff, steamed and boiled stuff, etc. It’s a fruity spice powder produced from dried unripe green mangoes and is used as a citrus agent to flavour foods. Its production is carried out in India. It adds the nutritional assistance of mangoes when the season of fresh fruit has passed. Read on to know its health benefits in detail:

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Amchoor- History, Cultivation and Use

Amchoor is a Hindi word. It can be split into ‘aam’ means mango and ‘choor’ means powder which collectively means mango powder. Making of amchoor needs green and immature mangoes. They are peeled off, sliced and sun-dried.

It is originated in India and used in traditional dishes for hundreds of years. The brown dried slices resembling wood bark which can be crushed now. They should be processed till finely powdered. It is an anti-oxidant which helps in digestion, cures diabetes, anti-anaemia, etc. It is rich in amino acid, potassium, vitamin A, C, etc.

Interesting Nutrition Facts Related To Amchoor

Its manufacturing is so easy that it can be made at home. Regular intake helps in staying young for long. Mango tree has religious status in India.

Amchoor And Its Several Health Benefits

1. It Cures Iron Deficiency:



A regular dose of amchoor benefits anemic people. It is a rich source of iron which is good in pregnancy. A regular intake of amchoor sprinkled over food can prove better than medicines.

2. Amchoor Supports Digestive Functions:

It fights acidity and improves digestion. It combats constipation and flatulence and helps the timely bowel movements. This shows that regular intake of amchoor is important.

3. Natural Antioxidant To Make You Look Younger:

Mangoes include phenols and phenol compound includes influential antioxidant. It is equipped with anticancer capabilities as it has abundant vitamin C.

4. It is Full of Vital Vitamins:

It is a good source of Vitamin A and Vitamin E which assists the hormonal system to work powerfully. Vitamin A and Vitamin E are necessary for good skin and eyes. Scurvy can be cured with help of amchoor. It is rich in Vitamin C which is proficient in treatment of Vitamin C deficiency disease. A spoon of mango powder mixed with two spoons of Gud (jaggery) and lime is one the best home remedies for Scurvy.

5. It Cuts The Excessive Weight:

Amchoor is of great help for weight loss. Excess weight brings in obesity and it should be avoided. Richness of antioxidant boosts metabolism which in turn helps weight loss. Also the carbohydrate content is less, which power ups the loosing fat.

6. Amchoor Offers A Better Vision:

Frequent use of mango powder improves eyesight. It brings clarity in vision and prevents eye problems. It helps to protect eyes from cataract also.




The goodness of so many basic nutrients in mango powder makes it a must to consume substance on a daily basis. It has the nutrition of iron, vitamin C, vitamin E, vitamin A, beta carotene, niacin, magnesium, calcium phenol, anti-oxidants, anti-cancer agent, good digestive and power packed with much more to give us. So, as other essential spices, mango powder should also be a must ingredient in the kitchen. Having such spices at home means having a family doctor at home all the time. Keeping it in your kitchen won’t serve the purpose, the regular intake will.

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