Aniseed And Its Potential Health Benefits
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Aniseed And Its Potential Health Benefits You Have Hardly Heard Of!

Sweet and very aromatic aniseed does not need any introduction. Over the years, it offers the rich aroma to our daily teas, baking and cooking purposes, the herb is also a remedial cure to some serious health conditions. So, if you are interested to know what makes this aniseed so special, you have come to the right place. Here you will explore some hidden things which no one will tell you about aniseed. Get ready to get the full insight below:

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An Insight To The Aniseed’s Long History, Cultivation and Use

Indian cuisines have a wide use of anise and call it ‘Saunf’ in Hindi and Punjabi. It’s well known for years for its fragrance and medicinal use. Aniseed is grown in Egypt since 4,000 years ago. Later, this cultivation was carried out in Greece, Crete and Asia Minor. Egypt has used it since the fourteenth century and English farms have cultivated it from the middle of the sixteenth century. It’s cultivated and harvested annually. Anise plants need light, fertile, well-drained soil. It’s grown in summers (April) and harvested in autumn (September). Its seed ripens in warm summers.

Aniseed aka Pimpinella Anisum is an annually grown and cultivated herb throughout the world. It is a small herb with yellow coloured umbel flower. It has a bit similar flavour to a few spices like star anise, fennel and liquorice. This taste of aniseed has lead anise essential oil to be used in liquorice candy. It acts as a medicine in coughs and pectoral infections. Anise is a tiny and rigid seed which is used as a spice in food and as an herb in herbal medicines. Western gastronomy has used aniseed for a long time to savour foods, drinks and sweets. The world uses anise for both spices of herb and its liquorice-like flavour.

Interesting Nutrition Facts About Aniseed

Anise is a food plant for the larvae of butterflies, moths, lime-speck pug and wormwood pug. The aniseed oil is said to prove capital temptation for mice if applied on traps.

Revealed Now The Much Awaited Aniseed Health Benefits

1. A Permanent Cure For Cataracts:



Cataracts are a growing eye problem which could badly affect eye health. However, if a patient consumes 6 grams of aniseed every day, he can get a permanent relief from it- making it one of the best natural cures for cataracts!

2. Easy On Your Stomach:

In feasts, the ancient Romans used anise in spiced cakes for digestion purpose. Anise herb is an extremely magical herb that supports the digestive system. It cures digestive illness and helps in maintaining the digestive system in the right order. So, next time if you feel like vomiting, diarrhoea or any other gastritis problem, try using Anise for an instant relief.

3. Aniseed Has Competitive Expectorant Properties:

It clears the throat by killing the germs of throat congestion and breaks congestion and ease cough. Anise seeds work well in enhancing respiratory health. As they are equipped with moderate expectorant properties, for this reason, they are widely used in cough syrups. Phlegm in the lungs and throat can be eliminated with the use of anise – making it a recommended solution for Asthma, bronchitis, influenza, etc.

4. Excellent Sexual Health Booster:

Aniseed is an amazing aphrodisiac and is used to improve low libido in males. Consuming the crushed seeds of aniseed soaked in water for overnight can significantly improve one’s sex drive. So, if you are suffering from male menopause, this herb will quickly improve your conditions.



5. Good Oral Health Will Be Yours Forever:

When you have worries for maintaining your oral health, anise seeds are a healthy option. Its anti-microbial, anti-bacterial properties make it an ideal mouth wash. If foul breath problems are your major concern, then anise can be a natural answer for you!


Aniseed is a good herb to heal congestion and pain and a good pesticide. It removes flatulence and phlegm. So it ought to be in every kitchen. However, your health physician can recommend you the right dosage! So, why wait to resist yourself from consuming it? Make it a part of your daily life and good health will no longer be a mystery.

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