Aonori Summary | List Of Vegetable From A To Z
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Aonori Summary

Seeds germinate fast only to become a full grown tree in a short span of time. This action goes on forever on this beautiful earth. Hundreds of plants and trees have become an endangered species. Many are in the verge of extinction. This is the right time to take resolution to protect the plants and trees from extinction. This topic will briefly deal with Aonori seaweed. This unique seaweed belongs to the genre Monostroma and Enteromorpha. These seaweeds are exclusively found in southern areas of Japan. These plants generally grow in shallow or calm waters such as bay or estuaries.

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Health Benifits Of Aonori


These plants are also found in America and other parts of the world. For the purpose of cultivation the spores are collected on rope nets by submerging the nets in the areas where natural Monostroma grow. The nets are harvested 3-4 weeks. The other common names of these weeds are green laver and blue seaweed. Japanese use these weeds lavishly in their food items. They add these in soups, tempura and sprinkle it in hot food items.

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