Arame Aspects And Its Medicinal Uses
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Plants and trees play a predominant role in preserving ecosystems. Earth had millions of plant species thousands of year back which is now dwindling at rapid speed due to climatic changes and other man-made factors. Seaweed is an important food for the people of Japan and neighboring countries. During ancient periods lots of countries consumed the seaweeds with great interest. But nowadays, only few countries like Japan, Korea, Thailand, China and Taiwan consume these foods in large quantities.

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Medicinal Properties Of Arame Seaweed


This topic will deal with Arame seaweed which is very popular in the countries of Japan and Korea. The botanical name of these algae is Eisenia bicyclis. These weeds are found naturally in the Pacific waters and cultivated in other parts of the world including Korea. Two flattened oval fronds rise from a woody stipe which will be up to 3.3 ft tall. These plants appear both branched and feathered. This is a perennial plant which grows throughout the year. Arame comes in brown strands and has a semi-sweet flavor.

Medicinal Uses of Arame

  • Generally alginate substances are rich in vitamins and proteins.
  • Researchers have confirmed that seaweeds are good of overall health, if it is cooked properly.
  • Arame is added to appetizers, muffins, pilafs, soups and toasted dishes.
  • Many Asian countries use these seaweeds in their food items.
  • The nutrient substances found in this seaweed are calcium, iodine, iron, magnesium and vitamin A.
  • This algae have some curative effects on the human body and used for the treatment of MRSA staph infections.
  • This peculiar seaweed has important properties which will improve the overall health.

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