Artichoke home remedies
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Artichoke is considered as one of the oldest vegetable ever discovered, and is used as a medicine since the ancient days. Modern studies have proved that there are a lot of antioxidants present in artichokes. It is one of the highly nutritious vegetable. As there are huge amounts of antioxidants present, this edible vegetable helps in improving the overall functioning of the body.It is used to treat various medical conditions such as jaundice, dyspepsia, chronic albuminuria etc. It is also known as edible thistle is consumed for many medicinal benefits. Artichoke aids in improving digestion and cures liver related ailments. The leaves of this vegetable can be used to raise good cholesterol and reduce the bad cholesterol content in your body. Artichokes can also be used to make herbal tea which helps in curing obesity. Artichoke herbal tea is a good option for those who wish to reduce weight, as artichoke decreases fat content of the blood and increases the digestive efficiency.

This old vegetable is often recommended for gallstones, liver diseases, and malfunction of the digestive system. It is widely consumed in most parts of the world. Artichoke proves to be a nutritious vegetable which is very versatile.


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