Asafoetida And Its Holistic Health Benefits That Will Make Your Jaws Drop!
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Asafoetida And Its Holistic Health Benefits That Will Make Your Jaws Drop!

Getting rid of abdominal injuries and constipation has made possible with Asafoetida. This perennial herb not only helps individuals with stomach upset but restores their holistic health. The people suffering from Asthma can feel its curative effects within the short period of usage. It is not anything related to the third world but a common herb extensively used in the various cuisines of the globe. So, the cure lives in our Kitchen and you are going to explore it now!

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If you are new to this herb and wondering what this wonderful thing can do! Then, read on! Here, you will find everything from Asafoetida’s history to its health benefits. Interestingly, you will never regret spending time on fixing your health disorders with the Asafoetida! Scroll below for the details:

Asafoetida’s Astonishing History, Cultivation and Use!

Asafoetida, scientifically named as Ferula Assa-Foetida, is an herb native to the India, Afghanistan and the deserts of Iran. For centuries, it has been used with turmeric to enhance food flavour. It holds a special place in Indian cuisines, especially in lentil curries. Its cultivation is done on a production scale in India, some parts of Afghanistan and Iran.

This is a resin-like gum which is extracted from the stem and roots. Usually, the greyish-white colour reflects the fresh quality while the dark amber colour points out to the dried one. Its plant grows up to 2 meters in height and has greenish-yellow coloured flowers. It is widely used as digestive agent and particularly in medicines meant for fixing respiratory conditions.

Nutrition Facts of Asafoetida That Will Catch Your Eyeballs!

Asafoetida is rich in calcium and iron which promise several health benefits. Though its odour is a bit strong but carries a high level of nutrition that can alleviate many health symptoms.

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A Few Untold Health Benefits of Asafoetida!

1. Asafoetida is A Good Anti-flatulent!

Asafoetida Health Benefits


It’s extensively used in easing flatulence symptoms. It acts vigorously on the escalation of native micro-flora which is present in the gut. It’s an effective cure for the constipation.

2. It Aids in Digestion And Helps Cure Stomach Upset!

It aids the digestion process. It is highly effective for treating the abdominal injuries. Its prolonged use can alleviate most of the stomach upset issues.

3. Asafoetida is A Natural Cure For Asthma and Bronchitis!

It cures one out of asthma, bronchitis and respiratory conditions. It helps remove the congestion in the windpipe in the most natural way.

4. It is An Effective Cold Remedy!

It is a wonderful herb which acts like an effective cold remedy. In some parts of Asia, the children are made to hang a bag of Asafoetida paste around their neck to save them from the cold. Its smell has a healing effect on the congestion.

5. Its Antimicrobial Agents Don’t Spare Seasonal Infections!

Asafoetida works well as an anti-microbial herb. For the past thousands of years, its use has been seen in conventional medicines. The reason is that it well treats the symptoms of howling cough and continual bronchitis.




Asafoetida is not only a remedial spice but also adds an aromatic flavour to enhance the food taste. The regular you use it in your cuisine, the better you can expect your health. However, quantity must be remain optimal and in accordance with the dietary recommendations. There is no reason that you should wait for consuming this wonderful herb. Try Asafoetida today!

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