Bush Peanut Nutritional Properties And Uses
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Bush Peanut

Plants and trees are intelligent species on the earth which lives a marvelous life for years. The trees play a pivotal role on the earth and support the ecological system wonderfully. Studies are underway to find the origins of various plants and trees. The life will come to a complete standstill when there is no tree or plants. Most parts of the earth are covered by millions of plants and trees. This topic will give a broad view of one of the unique trees on earth. This tree is nothing but Bush Peanut tree. The botanical name for this tree is Sterculia quadrifida.

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Properties Of Bush Peanut

Uses Of Bush Peanut

This tree is also called as Red-fruited kurrajong. These are naturally found in rainforests, vine thickets and gallery forest of Queensland and New South Wales. These trees grow in a well-drained soil and needs lots of sunshine. A fruit generally has ten or eleven seeds in it.

Nutritional Properties And Uses

  • The leaves have curative properties.
  • The leaves are generally crushed and applied on wounds or injuries.
  • The juice wrung from the inner bark is applied on the eyes.
  • The seed is good for eating and can be eaten as raw or cooked.
  • This tree is considered as a fast growing tree.
Bush Peanut Health Benefits

Bush Peanut Health Benefits

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