Camas Various Uses And Its Health Benefits
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Hundreds of plants and trees grows with minimum intake of water and sprouts lavishly on the surface. The daily activities of the plants are worth watching since it does multitasking easily without any intervention. Human being and animals will be free of all the diseases when they consume lots of greenish leafy vegetables. Scientists have come to the conclusion that veggies generally will live a healthy lifestyle. This topic will deal with camas plant which belongs to asparagus family. The botanical name of this plant is Camassia. These plants are native to Canada and the United States and also found in other parts of the world. The common names of this plant are quamash, Indian hyacinth, camash and wild hyacinth.

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These plants are found in large numbers in wild and tropical regions. These plants grow throughout the year and that is why it is called perennial plant. The leaves achieve a length of 32 inches. These plants grow to a height of 12 to 50 inches with a multi-flowered stem. The flowers colors vary from time to time. The rich colors that are found in these flowers are lilac, purple and blue-violet. The plants will look beautiful when the flowers bloom. It is an important food for Native Americans. Many cities in America bear this name. It blooms from April through June. Camas is a very popular plant found in many parts of Europe and other countries.

Health Benefits

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  • Hundreds of Americans consume Camas since it has lots of nutritional values.
  • Native American tribes also consume Camas and are dependent on this plant.
  • This ornamental plant grows well in well-drained soil high in humus.
  • It also grows well in forest areas and on rocky outcrops.
  • Camas bulbs are traded in the market for many years.
  • It was used as a sweetener when the sugar supply is less.
  • Many wild life species graze on camas plants.
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