Candle Nuts Nutrition Guide & Health Requirements
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The candlenut scientifically known as Aleurites moluccanus from the family of SPURGE family. The candlenut comes from the Candlenut tree which consists of branches from the lower regions. The leaves are green, trilobed or penta-lobed. The flower is white in color. It consists of male flower arranged upon the female flowers. The nut is round, the outer layer is hard. Inside the hard layer has soft pulp. The cream colored seed is inside the nut.

How It Is Cultivated

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The Candlenut fruit contain two large seeds, candlenuts. They grow well in the tropical climate with ample rainfall also in dry climate. They will survive in temperature 25-28f. They require soil with PH nutrients i.e. the soil should be mildly acidic, alkaline and neutral. To cultivate candlenut tree, take a perfect (not damaged) candlenut fruit allow them to ripen. Take out seeds and wash it. Soak the seeds, change the water regularly. The seed usually take 3-4 months to germinate. After the seeds germinate, place them in the pot. Water them regularly add some fertilizers to it. After the plant grow, place them in the ground. After few years the tree will produce huge amounts of candlenuts.

Where They Are Grown And Consumed

The candlenuts are native to Malaysia, Indonesia and South pacific islands. The plant has also been said to grow in the regions such as Florida and Hawaii. The candle nuts should not eaten in raw. It should be cooked before eating. The oil extracted from the nuts are used has lamp oil. It is used to make thick sauce and eaten with vegetables and rice.

Nutrition Value

Candle Nuts

Candle Nuts

Sine the candle nut contains toxic content, they mildly toxic when eaten in raw. The roasted candlenut is rich in potassium. It contains small amount of Zinc, copper and selenium. The candle nut contains fat. They are rich in protein which as amino acids is good for health.

Health Benefits

  • Candlenut can overcome digestive problems.
  • It is a good medicine for Dysentery and Diarrhea.
  • It is used for many aches such as headaches, toothaches and fever.
  • The protein content in the candlenut can be used for the growth of tissues in the body.
  • The presence of fat content in the candlenut is unsaturated fats which help to reduce heart diseases and strokes.
  • The leaves of the candlenut tree act as anti bacterial and painkiller.
Candle Nuts Various Health Benefits

Candle Nuts Various Health Benefits


The Candlenut is a believed as a symbol of peace. It contains flammable oil used as a candle. The raw nut is poisonous. The shells of the seeds are used in jewelries. The oil is non-irritant and used as medicine. The wood of the tree are used in making narrow boats and fishing equipments. The ink of the candlenuts are used for tattoos.

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