Caraway Seeds And Their Long-Time Hidden Health Benefits Exposed Here!
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Caraway Seeds And Their Long-Time Hidden Health Benefits Exposed Here!

If suffering from stomach aches, indigestion, cold, irregular menses, then caraway is the way to go. Although it features in several savoury dishes, this strongly aromatic spice can be of great help when it comes to several health issues.

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Apart from its traditional use in medicine and various dishes, it has its own food value which you could never think of until you read this whole article. Let’s see how this magical spice works apart from imparting an earthy flavour to many cuisines and curing stomach aches at the same time.

The Ultimate History of Caraway, Its Cultivation and Use!

Also known as Persian cumin, it is a native to Western America, Asia and Europe. Its scientific name is Carum Carvi and it grows in warm and sunny areas. It requires warm and sunny locations to grow to the fullest. Finland has the best atmosphere for caraway cultivation. Finland contributes to 28% of the world’s caraway production. Canada, Egypt, Netherlands and Central Europe are among the other countries.

As they are likely to spill on the ground, therefore, the best time to harvest Caraway seeds are the day’s early hours. The caraway plant resembles to the carrot family which has feathery leaves. Its stems grow up to 20–30 cm. However, the height of its main flower stem varies between 40–60 cm. Caraway fruits are crescent-shaped achenes. In ancient times, it was used beneath children’s beds to keep away the witches and was also used in lotions. But today, it is often used in treating the cases of indigestion and flatulence. It acts as an active agent to give fragrance to the component in perfumes and soaps. It works great as a breath freshener.

Nutrition Facts of Caraway Seeds!

Caraway seeds are a rich source of dietary fibre which binds to toxin present in the food and helps protect the colon mucus membrane from cancer. Caraway has several good health supporting nutrients. It also contains calcium, iron and phosphorus. The oil obtained from the seeds is considered to be an essential oil which is widely used as a germicide.

Source: nutritiondata

Be The First To Read The Caraway Health Benefits!

1. Caraway is A Fine Acidity Regulator!

Caraway seeds

Caraway seeds

Do you remember your mother or grandmother giving you a spoonful of caraway seeds with warm water? It can be magical at times of acidity. The active components of caraway bring down the burning sensation in the abdomen – giving instant relief from the acidity!

2. It Treats And Cures Asthma Symptoms!

Consuming its seeds can be useful in clearing the mucus from the body and also treating bronchitis and asthma. It works wonders as an expectorant when taken with warm water. It gives long lasting relief from the nasal inflammation as well.

3. Caraway is Helpful For Better Functioning of Liver and Kidney!

Any infection or indigestion or any malfunction in the organs can be treated by consuming this spice. It actively improves liver functions!

4. The Disorders Like Irregular Menses Can Be Fixed With It!

In today’s era, irregular periods are a very common problem which can be treated at home by soaking a handful of these seeds overnight and drinking its water in the morning.

5. Caraway is A Befitted Reply To The Arthritis!

The essential oil obtained from these seeds can be massaged on the joints to get relief from arthritis pain. It is an effective natural remedy for curing the inflammation of joints.

Caraway Seeds

Caraway Seeds


Sometimes home remedies can be far more helpful and less expensive than allopathic and various pills available in the market. Often, the magical spices like Caraway can contribute a great deal and offer us a good healthy life. It’s just a matter of trying Caraway out.

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