Celery and Its Key Role in Your Health Support!
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Celery and Its Key Role in Your Health Support!

Celery is mostly known as a negative calorie count diet food. It certainly deserves a way better recognition for its significance in maintaining health and a never-ending list of benefits. Recent researches have supported and upgraded its role as a unique plant. It is enriched with some of the most important phytonutrients, antioxidants, vitamins and storage house of dietary fibre. Its anti-inflammation abilities make it as a highly appreciated cancer-preventing super food. Let’s dig out its deep role in offering us a good health below:

Celery – Its Rich History, Cultivation And Use!

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For centuries, Celery has been used as a salad crop. Its scientific name is Apium Graveolens Var. Dulce. It has dark green foliage and its stalks and swollen roots both are edible in nature. Its origin extends from Europe to the northern plains of India. It grows perfectly well in plenty of sunshine with high-quality manuring. The Greeks, Romans and Egyptians have been using it as a crucial medicinal herb, since ages. It now holds a great importance in Italian cuisine. It comfortably prevents any sort of infection, provides energy and increases appetite.

Some Interesting Nutrition Facts About Celery!

It is crushed and distilled to get an essential oil which gives it a nice aroma and its medicinal properties. It has phenol based phytonutrients, flavonoids and is packed with plenty of vitamins and minerals like molybdenum, potassium etc. Almost 95% of celery is water, so it is one of the best foods to handled ehydration. Also, it is an instantaneous old folk solution for hurt burn and acidity.

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Here Are Some Great Health Benefits Celery Can Offer Us!

1) A Good Anti-Inflammatory:

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Researchers claim that including celery in diet can withhold the oxidative damage to body fats, blood vessels and skin. Apparently celery extracts can prevent inflammatory reactions in different systems of the body, particularly infections in the digestive and excretory system. Furthermore, it is rich brigade of antioxidants which repair and rejuvenate the body from cellular levels.

2) A Great Cardiovascular Aid:

Consumption of celery can be directly connected to a good heart. It controls oxidative degradation and infections in the blood stream around the heart. It secretes smooth muscle relaxants which uplifts cardiovascular activities and helps in lowering blood pressure to optimum levels. It also keeps bad cholesterol in check.

3) Celery is Good For Weight loss Purposes:

A cup of chopped celery contains around 15 calories, provides hydration, curbs hunger pangs, and promotes bowel stability. It is acknowledged in one of the healthiest foods in the globe due its high-quality fibre content which helps in healthy weight management and leads to a much stronger digestive system.

4) It Combats Cancer:

Recent studies have come up with results that celery can fight with cancer causing cells. A powerful substance lately extracted from celery inhibits pancreatic cancer. Also, the regular intake of celery can decrease chances of breast cancer in the future.

5) A Friendly Help in Digestion

Celery due to its high fibre nature reduces constipation and lowers the acid production to normal levels. Antioxidants in celery replenish stomach linings and decrease the threat of ulcers. People suffering from gastritis should ensure the presence of celery in their diets. Celery promotes the growth of healthy gut flora too.

Celery Health Benefits


Celery Health Benefits


It is suggested to eat it either raw or steamed to get the best of the benefits from it. It easily prevents infections, gut diseases, provides hydration, lowers cholesterol level, regulates hormonal activities, neutralizes toxins and helps in maintaining distance from infections. Start planning and include celery on a daily basis in your diet to preserve your good health.

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