Chufa Nuts Health Benefits & Nutrition Values
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Chufa Nuts

The chufa nut is a species of sedge, scientifically known as Cyperus esculentus. It is also known as Tiger nuts. It belongs to the family of Cyperaceae. It is an annual plant growing to 3 feet long. The plant is grown from seeds. It has stem which are triangular in section. The blender leaves are 2-10m inn wide. The seeds are oval in shape. The color varies from brown color to golden brown. The flower is yellowish in color and has both male and female organs. They are pollinated by wind. The plant is tough and fibrous. They produce more than 2000 seeds per plant. The seeds are grown like tubers. A single plant produce hundreds to thousands tubers single growing season.

How It Is Grown

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The mild climate is required to cultivate the plant. It can grow on any type of soils. It cannot grow in shadow and requires moist soil. The chufa plant grows from a chufa seed. To cultivate chufa plant, the seeds should be perfect (undamaged). Soak the seeds for a day. Plant the seed for 1 inch in the soil. After 1-2 weeks, the seed will germinate. After few years the plant will grow, producing large amount of chufa nuts.

Where It Is Grown And Consumed

The chufa nuts are native to Europe, Africa, Madagascar and India. It is cultivated in china, Hawaii, Indochina etc. The chufa nut soaked before eating. It is slightly sweet and nutty flavour. It is a popular snack. It is grained and used in bakery products.

Nutrition Value

Chufanuts Minerals

Chufa nuts

The chufa nut is rich in Nutrition. It contains high energy content such as sugar, starch and proteins. The chufa nut contains minerals such as potassium, magnesium, phosphorus and calcium. It contains energy compounds such as glucose and fatty acids.

Health Benefits

  • The tiger nuts are rich in fiber which helps to prevent heart diseases, obesity and diabetes.
  • The chufa nuts contain Magnesium which support for nerve function and immune function in the body.
  • It is rich Vitamin E which helps to prevent cancer.
  • It contains potassium which helps to reduce pressure of blood in the body.
  • It contains Vitamin C which acts as a Antioxidant.
  • The tiger nut oil is healthy for heart, which is considered as one of the healthiest oil.
Nutritional Values Of Chufanuts

Nutritional Values of Chufanuts


The chufa nut is actually a vegetable type of tuber. Instead Of eating them whole we can prepare milky drink which is good for health. The chufa nut is used in many ayurvedic treatments. It is used to reduce skin wrinkles so they are used in cosmetic industry. It is used as fishing bait. The chufa nut have many natural benefits in it and grown without pesticides.

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