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Golden Samphire

Plants and trees live a spectacular life on this earth and leaves behind million of seeds. No one can stop this wonderful lifecycle which is spectacle to watch. The birds and wind propagate the seeds in the nearby land and these seeds in return make the soil extremely fertile. Plants are not choosy and grows immaculately anywhere in the world. This topic will deal with a plant named golden samphire which is found abundantly in the coasts of Europe, including Britain and other western asia. The botanical name of this plant is Inula crithmoides.

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Aspects of Golden Samphire

Golden Samphire

Golden Samphire

The habitats are salt marshes, shingle banks and other maritime cliffs. Golden samphire plants grow up to 1m (3ft 3in) tall. It is in flower during the months of July to August and the seeds ripen during the months of August to September. The flowers have both male and female organ and are generally pollinated by bees, flies, beetles and self. It grows well is several types of soils namely sandy, medium, heavy but prefers well-drained soil and moist soil. These plants grow perennially throughout the year and found on salty marsh or sea cliffs. These plants have narrow fleshy leaves and large flower head, with six yellow florets which may grow up to 15 cm across. Young leaves are cooked or eaten raw.

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