The Undiscovered Healthy Side of Bay Leaves!
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The Undiscovered Healthy Side of Bay Leaves!

In various cuisines, people often use numerous pleasant leaves of several plants to give the food an aromatic taste. Bay leaves are one of such kinds which have been widely used for culinary purposes. They are a nature’s goodness pack which comes with the immense health benefits. You will not only love their aroma but the detoxification benefits which they have got to offer. People who have concerns for ageing, bay leaves serve as a boon for them as they slow down the ageing process.

The benefits of Bay leaves do not stop here and extend to speed up the wound healing, manage diabetes, optimize digestion, protects the body from bacterial infection and much more. Let’s go for a ride to reveal their interesting history to the health benefits. Scroll down below:

Bay Leaves- History, Cultivation And Use!

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Bay leaves are one of the most fragrant leaves which have been in use since the ancient times. Their scientific name is Laurus Nobilis. According to the legends, the Bay laurel, which is their alternative name, is termed as the tree of Sun God. Basically, the Bay tree belongs to the family of Lauraceae. It is supposed to be originated in Asia and then, slowly distributed over to the Mediterranean region and other parts of Asia.

Some Nutrition Facts About Bay Leaves!

Bay leaves are a rich source of vitamin C which helps in getting rid of harmful free radicals out of the body. Being an excellent source of vitamin A, they also aid in preventing lung and oral cavity cancers.

Bay Leaves Nutritional Value Per 100g!

Source: USDA

Health Benefits of Bay Leaves Which You Were Waiting For A Long Time!

1. Bay Leaves Improve the Hair Follicles:

Bay Leaves

Bay Leaves

For people who want to get rid of dandruff and other hair problems, bay leaves offer a natural solution. With the use of bay leaves for a couple of weeks, you would start experiencing dandruff removal. More importantly, the leaves aid in improving the health of your hair follicles. Just rinse these leaves in the water for some time and rub these on your scalp immediately after shampooing. The proven ingredients of this spice will quickly help you to eliminate the dry scalp and eventually, the dandruff.

2. It is a Good Anti-Inflammatory Drug:

Bay leaves have got a unique phytonutrient which promises to reduce inflammation and irritation when applied to the sore joints. These work wonders on the affected area which is under the pain of arthritis. If you regularly consume the bay leaf, you will never see these symptoms in your life.

3. Bay Leaf Actively Works For Diabetes Management:

The diabetes which is a rising health issues can be fixed with the indispensable ingredients of the bay leaves. Their regular consumption don’t let this issue flaunts its wings. Since it significantly improves the insulin receptor function, it can help manage sugar levels in the body and discourage diabetes symptoms to grow.

4. Bay Leaves Help Overcome Anxiety And Stress:

Linalool is an active agent which is present in abundance in the bay leaves. The most appreciated part it plays is in the lowering of stress hormone levels in the body. The healing effect gets doubled when these bay leaves are combined with the aromatherapy.

Bay Leaves Health Benefits

Bay Leaves Health Benefits

Bay Leaves Health Benefits


Bay leaves are not only sweet and aromatic ingredient used for cooking but much more than that. They ease life by alleviating stress as well as prevent from dangerous ailments like diabetes and cancer. This precious spice kills the free radicals to make you look young. Once you start consuming it on the daily basis, you will experience that there is less to speak and more to feel its amazing health benefits. It is never too late to start with the Bay Leaf for a healthy life ahead!

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