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Carrots for Hair Growth

Carrots are full of Antioxidants and are considered one Carrotsof the powerful cleansing vegetables which purify and revitalize the blood. It also improves the appearance of health, skin and nails. Research has also proved that carrots are great for dental health as they kill harmful germs inside the mouth and helps prevent tooth decay. Most surprising that one would know is that carrots are excellent nourishment for hair growth. They are known to add thickness to hair and make hair grow faster. You can eat a carrot a day to see instant results hair growth and texture.Read More…


Cucumber for Skin Lightening

Cucumber has anti-inflammatory and astringent Cucumbereffects. They are widely used in various spas and styling salon’s for skin lightening therapies. Cucumber is a must have vegetable for salads and diet foods as it is said to have 0.1g of fat content. The juicy and watery taste of cucumber brings with it, soothing effects that are most needed in season like summer. Cucumber peel is a good source of dietary fiber that offers protection against cancer and helps reduce constipation. Eating cucumber can help freshen your breadth and lower your stress.Read More…


Artichoke reduce Obesity

Artichoke is considered as one of the oldest vegetable and is used as a medicine since the ancient days. Modern studies artichokehave proved that there are a lot of antioxidants present in artichokes. Artichoke is used to treat various medical conditions including jaundice, dyspepsia, and chronic albuminuria. The leaves of this vegetable can be used to raise good cholesterol and reduce the bad cholesterol content in your body. Artichokes can also be used to make herbal tea which helps in curing obesity. It is a good option to consume artichoke herbal tea for those who want to reduce weight, as artichoke decreased fat content of the blood and increases the digestive efficiency.Read More…

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