Kaffir Lime Health Properties
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Kaffir Lime health properties

Many are under the perception that there are plateaus only on the surface of the Planet such as Tibet.

Kaffir Lime

But the fact remains is that there are plateaus and wonderful grasslands under the sea which are termed as oceanic grasslands.The famous sea grass that is found in the North Atlantic coast is Zostera marina which is also called as eel grass. This topic will deal with a plant named Kaffir lime.

The botanical name of this plant is Citrus hystrix. The other common name of this kaffir lime is makrut lime or Mauritius papeda.

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How It Grows

This popular citrus fruit is native to tropical Asia, including India, Nepal, Bangladesh, Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia and the Philippines. The fruits and leaves are used in Southeast Asian cuisines and its essential oil is used in perfumery. This plant has a thorny bush and grows to a height of 35 feet.The aromatic leaves are distinctively shaped lime hourglass. The small green fruit measures 4 cm wide.

Various Uses Of Kaffir Lime

  • The leaves are used in the culinary as fresh, dried or frozen.
  • The leaves are used in Thai, Java, Malaysian, Burmese, Indonesian, Vietnam and Lao cuisine.
  • Vietnamese used it while steaming snails to reduce pungent odor.
  • The Cambodia people use the entire fruit for eating.
  • The zest of the fruit is used as a flavor in rums.
  • The Asians use the juice and rinds as medicine.
  • The juice of the fruit is used as shampoo since it is believed to kill head lice.
  • The juice is also used as cleanser for clothing and hair.
  • The Cambodia people mix the fruit and water and use it during religious ceremonies.


This plant is grown throughout the world as garden plant. The chemical responsible for the aroma is citronella which is found in the leaf oil. The fruit peel contains oil which is named as fruit peel oil. The main components found in this oil are limonene and β-pinene.

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