Kola Nuts Nutrition Values and Healthy Eating
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Kola Nuts

The kola nut is scientifically known as COLA; It is used widely in Africa and Nigeria as the part of cultural and social ceremonies. The kola nut comes from the Kola tree. The trees are about 20-30m in height. It consists of branches growing from lower regions. The leaves are long pointed on both ends. The flowers are yellow and purple in color. The fruits are large and oval in shape. Inside the fruit, there are dozens of square shaped kola nuts. It tastes sweet.

How It Is Grown

The kola nut is grown in hot steamy climate. It can withstand in dry climate. Soak the seeds for 24hrs. Plant the seed 1 inch deep. After 1 weeks the seeds will germinate. Water it regularly add some fertilizers to it. Excess water is not allowed because that may harm full for the plant. After few years the tree will grow producing large amounts of chufa nuts.

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Where It Is Grown And Consumed

Kola nuts are religious and holy offering in the prayers. The kola nuts are used in milk shakes and flavoring ingredients in Western Culture. The kola nuts are one of the ingredients of the COCA-COLA. The extracts of kola with some ingredients, sugar and carbonated water is the cola soft drink. But kola is not longer used in cola.  

Nutrition Value

The kola nuts contain CAFFEINE which acts as an antioxidant to our body. It contain small amount of Theobromine which increases energy level in the body. It consists of Betaine which protects our DNA formation. It also contains protein content in it.

Health Benefits



  • Regular intake of kola nut can contribute weight loss in the body.
  • It is one of the best medicines for Dysentery and diarrhea.
  • It is good for the viral infections.
  • Kola nut is used for ANOREXIA an emotional disorder characterized by an obsessive desire to lose weight by refusing to eat.
  • It is good medicine for Severe and pain full headache.
  • It is used for Mental and Physical illness.
  • The kola nut boosts the heart rate and metabolism in the body.
  • It may prevent the Prostate Cancer in men.


Only smaller amounts kola nuts are good for health. It may cause some physical side effects when taken in excess. It provides gastric acids which contribute ulcers in the body. Excess amount of kola nut can cause sleeping disorders, nervousness etc. It may also increase blood pressure in the body. Increasing the amount of kola nuts in the food can cause stomach upset and vomiting. Only possible amount of kola nut is good for health.

Kola Nuts Nutritional Value

Kola Nuts Nutritional Value

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