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There are en numbers of plant species in the world and exploring their history is a wonderful exercise. One of the exotic plants that are found in the countries of New Zealand and Australia is Kurrajong tree which is also called as bottle tree. The nativity of this plant is Austrilia.

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The botanical name of this popular plant seen in the countries of Australia and New Zealand is Brachychiton spp. The scientists have concluded that this tree dates back to millions of years. It is extremely astonishing to note that this tree dates back to almost 50 million years. Kurrajong literally means “fishing lines” as fishing lines are made from kurrajong bark.

Kurrajong Nut Health Benefits

Kurrajong Nut Health Benefits

How it is Grown

These trees are also found in Mediterranean, South Africa and the western United States. This tree when grown fully will have lustrous and bushy leaves. It is imperative to note that the male and female flowers grow on the same plant. This shade giving tree will look beautiful when it grows fully. These type of trees are found abundantly in dry rain forest. The size of the leave when fully grown is 7 to 16 cm long. Large number of flowers sprouts during the months of April to December.

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