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Monkey Puzzle Nut

The earth was filled with millions of trees and shrubs even before the advent of human species. They live a very colorful and spectacular life. There are countless varieties of plants in this beautiful planet and exploring everything is an extremely cumbersome task. The plants and trees play a vital role in ecological systems and protect the human being in many ways. This topic will deal with the tree named Monkey Puzzle Nut. Everyone will laugh when they hear this unique name. Both the name and the tree are extremely unique. This tree is commonly called the Monkey Tail Tree , Chilean Pine or Peheun. The botanical name of this tree is Araucaria araucana. These trees are found mainly in the countries of Chile and Argentina. This is the national tree of Chile and the population of these trees is dwindling quickly. These trees are now in the list of endangered species. So, this is the right time to conserve these trees. It is considered as a living fossil because of the longevity. This tree is very tall and grows to a maximum height of 30-40 m. These trees are found in hilly regions of Argentina and Chile.

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Monkey Tail Tree Information

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Monkey Puzzle Nut

These trees have reptile shaped branches and lives on the earth for more than 1300 years. The forest fire which happened in the year 2001-2002 destroyed thousands of araucaria trees within few hours. Some trees which were destroyed in this forest fire were more than 1300 years old. These trees will grow wonderfully only when there is abundant rainfall throughout the year. There is one more unique aspect of this tree. Monkey Tail Tree seed will not sprout until the tree has reached the age of 30 to 40 years. These trees are treated as food crops Chileans and the nuts are used for making edible oil.

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