Pecan Fruit Nuts Health Facts and Nutrition Values
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Pecan Fruit Nut

Pecan Nut scientifically known as carya illinoinensis belongs to the family of Juglandaceae. The Pecan tree is large, 131ft in height. It has branches spread all over the tree. The leaves are divided in to leaflets which is long and board. The tree contains male and female catkins in which the female develop into fruits. The fruits are oval in shape, which contain a single seed surrounded by a thin shell. It is green in color and turns out brown when matured. The pecan nut is   edible and has a buttery flavor.

How It Is Cultivated

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The Pecan tree grow well in hot and cold climates. The tree can grow in any range of soils with a increase PH Level. The seeds are soaked for a day before it is used for planting. The seeds are then arranged in layers and kept in room temperature more than a week. The seeds will slowly starts to germinate. Place the seed in the container until it grows into a plant. Once the plant is grown place them to the ground. Fertilizers is much important for the plant because it can easily damaged by the fungus. After few years the tree starts to produce nuts. It should be harvested when the fruits matured.

Where It Is Grown And Consumed

The pecan nuts are native to Mexico. Later it is grown in Arizona, Florida, Australia and china. The Pecan nuts are eaten in fresh. They are also roasted with honey. They are eaten as a snack or used in salad topper. These nuts are used in religious and cultural ceremonies in India.

Nutrition Value

Pecan Fruit Nut

Pecan Nuts

The Pecan nuts are rich in Manganese and Potassium. It contains 0% cholesterol and sodium. It contains Saturated fats. It is rich in vitamins such as Vitamin A, E, C, K and B6. It contains minerals such as calcium, Iron, Phosphorus, Zinc, copper and selenium. The pecan nuts are rich in protein.

Health Benefits

  • The Pecan nut inhibits Oxidation in the body.
  • Having handful of Pecan nuts everyday provide disease-free survival.
  • Since it contains fiber, reduces heart diseases.
  • The Pecan nuts resolve many Digestive problems such as Constipation and colitis.
  • It used to reduce weight and increasing Metabolism.
  • The Pecan nuts are especially useful for women. Regular intake of nuts reduces Breast Cancer.
  • Since it contains Phosphorus and Calcium it provides health for bones and teeth.
  • It reduces skin problems such as dullness, wrinkles and excess of oil in face.
  • It stimulates the hair growth and reduce hair fall.


The Pecan nuts are having lot of benefits when it’s added limited to the diet. Overeating of nut provide many side effects. It can cause Allergies in the body. It leads to Gastric upsets. It also Increases the risk of kidney Stones when they are eaten in Excessive Quantity. Hand full of Pecan nuts everyday is limited and good for health.

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