Pekea Nuts Growth Information And Its Uses
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Pekea Nuts

Exploring the intricate details of various tree and plants is a mind blowing affair. There are hundreds of fruit giving trees in this world and most of the fruits have nutritional elements. One such wonderful tree is Pekea Nuts which fascinates botanists and scientists. The botanical name for this tree is Caryocar nuciferum.These trees are found in large numbers in Brazil, Colombia, Costa Rica, Guyana, Panama and Venezuela.

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Information And Uses

Pekea Nuts

Pekea Nuts

The peculiar aspect of this tree is it has very large fruits unlike other trees which weight around 3 kg. This ornamental plant has both flower and fruits. The special aspect of this tree is that it is extremely tall and grows up to 35 m. This fruit that grows in this tree is classified as one of the finest of all the fruits called nuts. These nuts resembles almond and are quite tasty. This tree requires water and bright sunlight. These evergreen trees found in South America yields marvelous leaves and nuts. Edible oils are prepared using these nuts and the thick wood is used for Timber trade and Building ships.

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