Peppermint Gum Leaves And Its Health Uses
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Peppermint Gum Leaves And Its Health Uses

Peppermint Gum Leaves

Global warming and the ozone depletion are increasing rapidly and if the same trend continues for some more years that earth will automatically become a vacuum land.

Though millions of people are interested to plant trees they do not have proper resource or seeds to sow on the vacant land which is an agony.

So the people have to rise up to the occasion and start growing few plants and trees in their homes. The forestry or agricultural authorities should disseminate the knowledge about the importance of planting trees to children.

This topic will deal with a plant named peppermint gum leaves which is also called broad leaved peppermint which is native to southern eastern Australia. The botanical name of this menthol plant is Eucalyptus dives.

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This menthol small tree is found in sclerophyll woodlands and forests of Australia. The aromatic young leaves are ovate and older ones are laceolate. The other common name of Eucalyptus dives which comes under Myrtaceae family is ct piperitone.


  • It is got a pungent with a strong aroma of peppermint.
  • Only 2% aromatic oil is extracted from the leaves and this is used as anticattarahal, antiseptic, expectorant and decongestant.
  • It is found abundantly in Blue mountain of Sydney through Snowy mountain of Melbourne.


  • This tree achieves a height of 25 m and found at an altitude of 1400 mm.
  • The grey-brown colored bark is generally fibrous.
  • Since the aromatic oil is extracted from the broad leaves of this peppermint plant it got its name ‘Broad-leaved peppermint’.
  • The essential oil has two chemo types namely cineole and the other is piperitone.
  • The latter one has anti-asthmic and herbicidal properties.
  • The oil is generally used for curing respiratory diseases pneumonia, asthma and bronchitis.
  • The oil relaxes the throat and the body.
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