Persian Hogweed And Its Health Benefits
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Persian Hogweed And Its Health Benefits

Persian Hogweed

Archeological evidence indicates that medicinal plants were used during Paleolithic period which is 60000 years ago. It is interesting to note that butterflies and sheep consume medicinal plants when they suffer from illnesses.

Medicinal herbs were found in the remains of the frozen body of an Iceman which dates back to 5000 years.

Ancient Egyptians have done lots of research on plants and species and wrote a famous book named Ebers Papyrus during 1500 BC which contains information about hundreds of medicinal plants like garlic, juniper and cannabis.

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This topic will deal with a plant named Persian Hogweed which comes under the family Apiaceae. The botanical name of this plant is Heracleum persicum.

Native And Uses

  • Persian hogweed is a flowering plant which is a native to Iran.
  • It grows wonderfully in humid mountains regions in Iran and also in other adjoining areas..
  • This plant was introduced to Norway in the year 1830 and it is now found abundantly in this country.
  • The Norwegians call this plant as Tromsø palm.
  • In the country of Sweden, it is found in the place named Jönköping.
  • Persians use the seeds as spice in their cuisines.
  • The aromatic seedpods are slightly bitter in taste.
  • It is sold in powdered form and sprinkled over broad beans, lentils, potatoes and other such seeds.
  • The powder is also used in soups, stews and pomegranate arils.
  • It is mixed with vinegar into which lettuce leaves are dipped before eating.

Medicinal properties

  • This plant has lots of medicinal properties and used for the treatment of convulsions, inflammation and fungal diseases.
  • Recently the researchers have concluded that this plant has the potential for newer therapeutic applications in future.
  • Free radicals are considered as the major cause of various dangerous diseases like heart, liver, Alzheimer’s, cancer and Parkinson diseases.
  • This plant can be used as a free radical quencher since it has the ability to fight against it.
  • As this plant is having various useful compounds such as alkaloids, terpenoids and triterpenes, it can cure convulsions quickly.
  • It has antifungal, antimicrobial and immunomodulatory activities as well.


  • This beautiful ornamental plant which is harmful invasive species is also called Golpar and grows to a height of 150 cm.
  • The white colored flowers measures 30 mm wide.
  • It flowers beautifully during the months of July to September.
  • This originates from south of Caucasia in the Middle East.
  • The fluids of the leaves have certain chemical which will harm the skin and when someone touches it they should immediately wash it off immediately.
  • The seeds have certain dangerous properties which have the capacity to kill the plants growing near to it.

Health Benefits of Persian Hogweed

Health Benefits of Persian Hogweed

Health Benefits of Persian Hogweed

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