Red Spinach And Its Medicinal Properties
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Red Spinach Medicinal Properties

Red Spinach

Red Spinach

Plants and trees disseminate valuable information that every living species in this world should live a natural life to achieve maximum happiness in life.

Certain qualities might have changed during the span of time, but the trees and plants grow and live naturally till they depart from the earth.

But the quality of the human beings keeps on changing year after year as opposed to quality of plant life. This topic will deal with a plant named Red spinach which is also called Red Amaranth.

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Red Spinach Uses

  • Red spinach is rich in calcium and niacin.
  • People who are suffering from calcium deficit can consume these leaves and come out of the deficits quickly.
  • The young leaves and stems of this plant are used for edible purpose and used as an ingredient in soups and salads.
  • Red spinach leaves are used extensively in the countries like Malaysia, Indonesia, India, Vietnam and China.
  • These leaves are very famous in India, especially in Tamil Nadu where the chefs steam the leaves and use it in various dishes.
  • The leaves are used in salads, pasta sauces, sandwiches and other such tasty items.
  • The leaves of these plants are usually thick, round and green in color.

Health Facts And Properties

Benefits of Red Spinach

Benefits of Red Spinach

  • It aids digestion and has the ability to cure various abdominal diseases including cancer.
  • It improves kidney function, anemia, dysentery and the overall health.
  • It improves hair growth and also eyesight.
  • The leaves can be consumed either raw or cooked.
  • The leaves can also be mixed with other vegetables, fruits, eggs, nuts, pasta or cheese.
  • The leaves also help in prevention of premature graying of the hair .
  • It contains an important protein that helps reduce insulin levels.
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