Rice Bean Various Uses And Facts
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Rice Bean

The countries which depend mainly on Agriculture are India, China, Africa and United States. But other countries also depend on their Agricultural land. Rice is grown lavishly in Mekong Delta, Vietnam and this country is called “The Rice bowl of the world“. The farmers harvest rice three times a year. So, crop plays a very important role in the world. This topic will deal with a plant named Rice bean which is a warm season annual vine legume which is cultivated in India, China, Nepal and Bangladesh. The botanical name of this plant is Vigna Umbellate.

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These plant grow rapidly and has the potential to produce large amounts of animal fodder and high quality grain.Rice bean is grown as an intercrop or mixed with maize, sorghum and cowpea. Rice bean grows wonderfully in range of soils but prefers well drained soil. This plant is very adaptive and grows wonderfully in diverse environments like humid tropical to sub-tropical to sub-temperature climate. It is evenly distributed in Southern china, Vietnam, Laos, India, Vietnam, Myanmar and Thailand. These plants are resistant towards pest and infestations.


Various Uses Of Rice Bean

Various Uses Of Rice Bean

Rice bean is a neglected crop which is found in the highlands of Nepal and India. The crops that are cultivated in Nepal are used for human consumption and a little proportion is used as a fodder. Rice bean has the ability to fix nitrogen in depleted soils. Rice bean seeds are sown during the months of April-May to June. This shot-lived plant grows perennially and considered as an annual plant.


This plant grows to a height of 100 cm. But at time reaches height of 200 cm. The tap root can go as deep as 100-150 cm. The stems are branched, finally haired. The trifoliate leaves are 6-9 cm long. The flowers measures 5-10 long. The cylindrical fruits have a very long pod which measures 12.5 cm and contains 6-10 oblong seeds. The color of the rice bean is generally greenish-yellow but the color varies during the growth.

Various Uses Of Rice Bean

  • The dry seeds can be boiled and consumed with rice or they can be stewed or used in soups.
  • Young pods are eaten raw or boiled.
  • Young pods, leaves, seeds are boiled and consumed as vegetables.
  • Rice bean is used primarily as a feedstock for cattle.
  • Before feeding to cattle, the woody portions and mildew parts have to be removed.
  • Rice bean is found in Assam and in the hills of Himalaya. These plants needs an annual rainfall of 1500 mm and grow wonderfully in many types of soils.
  • Rice bean is rich in protein than other types of cereal crops.
  • The people who have weak digestion system can consume this bean lavishly. Since the fat content is very low this bean is considered as a well balanced diet.
  • This bean relieves edema and Chinese use this bean for medicinal purposes.
  • This bean is more susceptible to pests and infestations and much care has to be extended while cultivating this plant.


This bean is more susceptible to pests and infestations and much care has to be extended while cultivating this plant. Since these beans have certain chemicals like phytic acids it is better to consume after cooking it properly.

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