Sumac Health Benefits And Its Facts
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Sumac Health Benefits And Facts

Snakes bites were common during those days in many parts of the world. The statistics show that thousands of people die every year due to venomous snake bite.

The first few hours is considered as golden hours after the snake bites since a physician can quickly remove the venomous substance from the victim’s body.

Names of the plant species that are used against snake bites are Aristolochia odoratissima, Cissus assamica, Echinachea angustifolia and Parkia biglobosa.Leaves have very useful chemicals that will remove the toxins when applied on the skin.

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This topic will deal with a plant named Sumac. The botanical name of this plant is Rhus coriaria.
The other common names of this cashew family plant are Sicilian sumac, tanner’s sumach or elm-leaved sumach.

Native And Growth

    • This plant is native to southern Europe.
    • The dried fruits of this plant is used a spice and is combined in the mixture named Za’atar.
    • This plant grows well in deep and well-drained soil.
  • The taste of the fruit is sour and the fruit is considered as a popular spice in Middle East.
  • Immature fruits and seeds are also consumed.
  • The leaves and the bark contain tannic acid and is used in tanning factory.
  • Dyes of various colors, red, yellow, black, and brown, can be made from different parts of the plan.
  • Candles can be made with the help of the oil extracted from the seeds.
  • The sap and the fruits contain toxins that can cause irritation in the skin.
  • People suffering from skin ailments should show caution while using this plant.
  • It can also cause certain allergic reactions to human beings.
  • This plant achieves a height of 3 m and is frost tender.
  • The hermaphrodite flowers blossom during the months of Jul to August. The flowers pollinate through bees.

Uses And Health Facts

  • It has certain medicinal properties such as astringent, diuretic, styptic and tonic.
  • The leaves are used for the treatment of dysentery, haemoptysis and conjunctivitis.
  • The seeds when consumed before the intake of food will provoke hunger.
  • It acts as an antioxidant, antifungal agent and antimicrobial agent.
  • Sumac is used as an ingredient in many premium health supplements.
  • It acts as a free radical quencher and has the capacity to neutralize free radicals.
  • Many researchers have concluded that if sumac is taken by the diabetic patients regularly for few months the insulin levels will come down.
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