Benefits of Vietnamese Balm in medicine
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Everyone in the world is aware that Himalayas is the tallest mountain in the world. It has beautiful plateaus, grasslands and slopes. This highest mountain is 29035 ft; 8849 m and extend in 1500 mile curve across southern Asia. Some of the beautiful plants that are found in this world’s highest mountain are figs, palms, oak trees, chest nut and deodar. There are also lots of shrubs and climbing plants that are found in this beautiful mountain.

Vietnamese Balm

This topic will deal with an ornamental plant named Vietnamese Balm which is commonly found in Asia, especially in Nepal.  This erect plant achieves a height of 60 cm and the long, stalked, serrated leaves reaches a height of 8.5 cm in length and 2.5 cm in width. The color of the flowers is purple and blooms during the month of September and October. This ornamental plant is native to Asia. It is found abundantly in Nepal at elevations of 1500 to 3400 m. It is also found in India, eastern Asia and Europe.

This wonderful plant was considered as a weed in 1889. It prefers moist soil and grows in rocky areas. The seeds are powdered and used for flavoring food. It is used in herbal medicine and as carminative and astringent. Vietnamese balm is used as an ingredient in Rau kinh dish which is a famous cuisine in Vietnam. This plant is found in roadsides, abundant areas and fields in Eastern America. It grows well in full sunlight.

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Uses of Vietnamese Balm:

  1. The aromatic young leaves can be used as potherb, salads and vegetable dishes.
  2. It is used as a condiment for flavoring foodstuffs.
  3. It is used in herbal medicine and as carminative and astringent.
  4. It can be eaten raw or cooked.
  5. The seeds are powdered and used for flavoring food.
  6. The essential oil is used as an antibacterial, antipyretic, antiviral, astringent, carminative; depurative, diaphoretic, diuretic, stomachic.
  7. The oil is used to relieve the after affects of excess alcohol.
  8. It is used for the treatment of common colds, fevers, headaches, diarrhea, edema and oliguria.

Benefits of Vietnamese Balm:

Vietnamese Balm Health Benefits

Vietnamese Balm Health Benefits

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