Yellow Walnut Nutritional Information And its Health Uses
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Yellow Walnut

Classifying the trees according to its popularity is one of the mind blowing tasks. Generally botanists show much interest in this topic. There are numerous varieties of trees in this world and exploring their history is an interesting task.It falls under the Lauracea family and the botanical name for this plant is Beilschmiedia bancroftii.

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Yellow Walnut

Yellow Walnut

Nutritional Information And Uses

  • The common names of this tree are yellow walnut, yellow nut and canary ash.
  • The wood is generally used for decorative and timber purpose.
  • This tree is widely found in North Queensland, Australia near Daintree rivers.
  • The fully grown tree attains a height of 25 to 30 m.
Yellow Walnut Uses

Yellow Walnut Nutritional Information

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