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Veggies Facts

Veggies play a vital role in every single thing that we eat. There are many unknown benefits of the vegetables that we eat every day. Knowing the correct benefit and consumption for these veggies will make life and health even better.

Below is a list of 51 incredible facts of vegetables that have remained unknown! Reading them will not only give you an idea on their nutritional info, but also update you about their origin, cultivation and history.



Veggie fact 1

Cucumbers are great ink removers:

While writing anything with a pen on paper, any mistake made can be erased with the outside of cucumber. Peel the skin and use it to erase the writing.

Veggie fact 2

Onions make you cry, but at the same time heal you:

Onions are said to contain 100 sulfide-containing compounds that heal your body for health issues like asthma. Onions are also said to prevent many types of cancers.

Veggie fact 3

The myth about Spinach:

For long people keep believing that spinach is rich is iron. This myth was made popular among children who saw Popeye the sailorman eating spinach to become strong. The unknown fact is that spinach contains 1/10 of iron content, just like other green veggies.

Veggie fact 4

Celery burns your calories more than necessary:

Celery is said to have zero calories. When you consume celery, there are high chances that your body’s metabolism level drops down badly. It is always a good practice not to consume celery without any other supporting fruit or veggie.

Veggie fact 5

Avocados are the best for your skin:

Most of the facial products and scrubs are made from avocado. While you bring avocados home, instead of throwing the rinds away, you can scrub them on your skin. It helps provide nourishment to your skin and gets rid of black heads and dirt on your facial skin.

Veggie fact 6

Potatoes were dead in Idaho:

Until 1836, potatoes were not grown in Idaho, north western state in the United States. The missionaries moving to the west introduced them and since then potatoes were consumed.

Veggie fact 7

Never consume massive amounts of carrots

Many people believe that consuming a lot of carrots improves your vision. But, it is also true that consuming massive amounts of carrots can kill you. It initially turns your skin yellowish orange first, gradually developing varied other symptoms that will eventually spoil your health.

Veggie fact 8

The first veggie in space:

Did you know? Which was the first veggie to be grown in the space? It was the “Potato”. The potato plant was taken into the space shuttle in the year 1996. Since then it became the first veggie to be grown in space.

Veggie fact 9

Eggplants are also known as “crazy apples”:

In Italy, eggplant is known as “crazy apple”. There is a popular belief that diet rich in eggplants leads to madness.

Veggie fact 10

Aluminum vessels – A big no for cabbage:

Aluminum vessels and cabbage never get along together. It is always advisable not to cook cabbage in vessels made of aluminum, as it causes a severe chemical reaction which discolors the vegetable and also alters the flavor of the veggie.

Veggie fact 11

Lemons are power generators:

Popular science experiments have found that attaching electrodes to a lemon can be used as a battery. The electricity generated from this lemon and electrode combination can also be used to provide power to a small motor.

Veggie fact 12

Tomatoes are a fruit:

Tomatoes were considered a fruit till 1893, when the Supreme Court in the United States legally declared them as a veggie. As tomatoes were widely used in all savory dishes, this was done to tax tomatoes like other vegetables.

Veggie fact 13

Beans regulate high BP and sugar:

Beans, as a veggie is not too popular in consumption. But the little known fact is that consuming bens in your diet can regulate serious health problems like high blood pressure and high sugar levels.

Veggie fact 14

Beets aid natural hair coloring:

Hair coloring is in trend among the young generation. While a lot of chemical and harmful products are used in beauty salons and spa’s which can spoil your natural hair, Beet juice applied to wet hair will give natural coloring to your hair.

Veggie fact 15

Become diet fit with Zucchini:

Zucchini is said to contain very less fat content. Including zucchini in your diet keeps you fat free and fit. The reason is that the veggie is rich in other minerals and vitamins that provide the required nourishment to your body, at the same time keeping it fat free.

Veggie fact 16

Peel potatoes carefully:

It is true that most of the nutrients in a potato reside just below its thin skin layer. While peeling them roughly might just get rid of all the essential nutrients that are present in potatoes, it is advisable to remove just the thin skin of potatoes.

Veggie fact 17

They are also flowers:

Broccoli and cauliflower are vegetables, but they are also actually flowers. The origination of Broccoflower, broccoli and cauliflower was from a flower and they are actually called flowers because of the shape they take as a flower.

Veggie fact 18

Mushrooms are magical:

In the ancient days, mushrooms were said to contain magical powers. Botanists say that mushrooms have an immune system of their own and hence are used in many medicinal purposes.

Veggie fact 19

Olives live long:

It might be a surprising fact to know that olive trees can live for a thousand years.

Veggie fact 20

Garlic fights mosquitoes:

A lesser known fact about garlic is that, consuming garlic will keep mosquitoes away.

Veggie fact 21

Red capsicums are the healthiest:

Capsicums come in three different colors, the Red, green and yellow. The most widely consumed capsicum is the green one. But it may be surprising to know that red capsicum is the healthiest among all the three colored capsicums.

Veggie fact 22

Garlic names a city:

Chicago is named after garlic. “Chicagaova” is the Indian word for wild garlic.

Veggie fact 23

Asparagus loses its flavor the fastest:

Of all the veggies, asparagus loses its flavor the fastest. Especially after it has been cut, the veggie is no more the original flavor if kept for a long time.

Veggie fact 24

Taro and yam are separate:

Many people confuse and consider taro and yam as one and the same. But the fact is that both are different. The difference is that taro should be served when hot; else they become really sticky if kept for a time longer than usual.

Veggie fact 25

Sweet potato extremely healthy for babies:

Sweet potato has a slightly sweet and delicious taste and is an ideal veggie for babies and kids. It contains the right amount of nutrients that are required for a healthy body.

Veggie fact 26

Onions have a huge family:

Research shows that there are about 325 different varieties of onions in the onion family.

Veggie fact 27

Yes there were purple carrots:

Initially carrots grown were purple in color. Orange carrots originated first from Holland.

Veggie fact 28

Don’t overcook them:

Cooking absorbs all the essential nutrients that are present in the vegetables. Boiling too does loss of nutrients of the veggies. So remember not to overcook the veggies.

Veggie fact 29

Veggies skin is the most important:

For every vegetable, the skin is the most important part of the veggie. The highest amount of nutrients like vitamins, minerals etc are present in the first skin layer of the veggie and the layer lying immediately beneath it. Be careful while peeling vegetables when you cook them.

Veggie fact 30

Radish was paid as wages:

It might be a surprising fact to know that radish was paid as wages to the ancient Egyptian laborers who built the pyramids.

Veggie fact 31

All greens are rich in vitamins C and B

All leafy green vegetables are said to be rich in vitamin C and vitamin B. Any green veggie is helpful in weight reduction.

Veggie fact 32

Raw cabbage has a unique benefit:

Eating raw cabbage has a unique benefit of its own. It is said to have Vitamin U(S Methylmethionine) which is very rarely present in other veggies.

Veggie fact 33

Chive flowers are also edible:

Chives contain a flower like portion on them, which many don’t use it. But this flower present in the chive is also edible and has many nutritional benefits.

Veggie fact 34

Tomatoes were poisonous:

Tomatoes belong to the nightshade family. They were initially perceived to be poisonous or deadly and were not consumed at all.

Veggie fact 35

Onions attract flu germs:

Leaving cut pieces of raw onions in open attracts a lot of flu germs that can be injurious to our health. It is always a good practice, not to keep cut pieces of raw onions in the open for long.

Veggie fact 36

Veggies weather:

Most of the veggies need warm weather conditions to grow. Whereas there are only some vegetables, like spinach, lettuce, carrots and turnips, can grow in cold temperature.

Veggie fact 37

Onions make you cry? Here are its remedies:

Onions are said to contain a layer of acid just below the skin, which is why our eyes become watery while cutting the. Washing the onions in warm water before chopping them will not make you cry while you cut them. Holding a slice of bread in your mouth also helps prevent tears in eyes while cutting onions.

Veggie fact 38

Why does the corn have many layers of skin to it?

Corn is said to belong to the grass family and which is why it has many grassy layers of skin on it.

Veggie fact 39

Highest producing broccoli state:

California produces 90% of broccoli consumed by the entire nation.

Veggie fact 40

White mushroom is not a veggie:

It is a funny fact to know that white mushroom is not a vegetable but fungi

Veggie fact 41

Garlic prevents cancer:

Eating garlic twice a week, reduced the risk of lung cancer by 44%

Veggie fact 42

Cauliflower kills cancer cells:

Consuming cauliflower on a regular basis reduces the growth of tumor cells in the body. It contains a sulfur compound that kills cancer stem cells.

Veggie fact 43

The best veggie all time:

The best veggie to consume all time is BRUSSEL SPROUTS.

Veggie fact 44

Avocados are rich in potassium:

Avocados are said to have more potassium than a banana. Each avocado has about 975 milligrams of potassium which is more when compared to a banana which has only 487 milligrams

Veggie fact 45

Multiple benefits of drumstick:

The drumstick leaves powder is used as soap for hand washing. The leaves of this veggie are used as forage for livestock.

Veggie fact 46

Chickpea as a snack:

Classic tea time snack in India known as pagodas’ are made out of chickpea flour.

Veggie fact 47

Origin of ginger:

Ginger was first originated in the jungles of southern Asia during mid 14th century.

Veggie fact 48

About Green onions:

Human cultivated green onions since 3500 BC. This veggie is said to contain the lowest amount of calorie content.

Veggie fact 49

Finger root prevents dengue:

This vegetable is said to contain special flavonoids that help in prevention of dengue fever.

Veggie fact 50

Veggie that grows on seabed:

These seaweeds grow near the seashore, especially in the rocky surfaces found near the seabed.

Veggie fact 51

How to increase the nutritional value of garlic?

If the garlic is left open for sometime after chopping or cutting, the nutritional value gradually starts to increase.


All the veggies have some amount of nutrients present in them. Vegetables are the best choice to include in your diet. No matter what the illness is, all veggies have some amount of nutrition to deliver immunity to fight diseases in our body.

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