Annatto Seeds And Its Amazing Health Benefits
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Annatto Seeds And Its Amazing Health Benefits!

Are you looking for a holistic solution to strengthen your bones, eliminate headaches, faster healing and much more? Then, Annatto seeds are for you! The health benefits associated with the consumption of these seeds include everything from promoting healthy digestion to protection against respiratory diseases.

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Annatto – Its History, Cultivation And Use!

The annatto seeds come from the fruit of the achiote tree. This is a small tree whose scientific name is Bixa Orellana and is a native to the Central and South America. It has white or bright pink flowers, however, the most valuable part of this tree is its fruit, out of which red colour pigment is extracted. This red pigment which is a great food colouring agent and has numerous medicinal benefits is called annatto. Due to its strong pigmentation, it is widely used in cosmetics and as a natural food dye.

Some Interesting Nutrition Facts About Annatto Seeds

Annatto has gained high popularity in the Caribbean and Central American cultures, where it has been in use to get rid of mild infections to some potentially life-threatening diseases. Such a long history of its use from ancient times has made it called as a “super food”. However, it is just recently when its chemical composition has been completely recognized. Several lab tests have revealed that the high concentration of tocotrienols present in annatto is the key elements of its efficacy against diseases.

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Now, let’s explore the health benefits of annatto in a detailed way:

Health Benefits of Annatto That Will Leave You Surprised!

1. Excellent Herb For Eye Health



The red or bright colour of the annatto seeds indicates the high carotenoid content. These powerful antioxidants work against the development of cataracts. They protect your eyes by creating a strong shield against macular degeneration, so that your vision stays healthy for years.

2. Powerful Antioxidants Defend You Against Aging

Annatto is recognized as a powerful ant-aging herb due to the presence of tocotrienols in it. These organic compounds have the immense power to keep the skin wrinkle-free. A paste made from annatto seeds can be directly applied on the skin to achieve a radiant skin – making you look younger than your age.

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3. Promotes Healthy Digestion

The high levels of fibre found in it ensure a good digestion that promotes a smooth bowel movement. The fibre in the annatto has the potential to reduce the cholesterol and manage diabetes as well. The resultants are optimized levels of sugar and cholesterol in the blood necessary for a healthier living.

4. A Miracle Herb To Strengthen Bones

The Osteoporosis is a common problem prevalent in women but those who fed on the optimum amount of annatto seeds never have to worry. The significant quantity of calcium found in annatto strengthens your bones. It doesn’t allow bones to lose its durability even in the old age.

5. Anti-Cancer Role That You Will Appreciate

The Norbixin is found in annatto seeds that plays an anti-cancer role in the individuals. This powerful antioxidant has an anti-mutagenic effect on healthy cells which doesn’t let cancer cells to spread further.


This plant is abundantly found in grassland habitats throughout Europe from the northern Mediterranean coast to the north of Scandinavia and in parts of Central Asia. It is also found in some parts of North America and native of British Isles.

Annatto is used lavishly in Central and South America as dye, medicine and as an ingredient in foods. The color of the seed is intense dye but can range from bright yellow to deep orange. The color is added to many commercial food products. The heart-shaped fruit is covered with thick, spiky hairs. At the time of plant’s maturity the pods open and reveal the red seeds.

Various Uses

  • The seeds and pulps are used for the past many decades for variety of purpose.
  • This tree is very popular and famous in the country of Australia.
  • The pod generally looks like a clay lamp.
  • The seeds can be crushed and used for variety of purposes.
  • Its scent is described as “slightly peppery with a hint of nutmeg” and flavor as “slightly nutty, sweet and peppery”.
  • The color of the seed comes from various carotenoid pigments namely bixin and norbixin. The condiments are prepared by grinding the seeds to a paste.
  • Annatto is used as a natural coloring agent in food products like food products, such as cheeses, dairy spreads, butter and margarine, custards, cakes and other baked goods, potatoes, snack foods, breakfast cereals, smoked fish, sausages and other such products.

Side Effects

But few people suffer from allergic reactions due to this plant. Annatto is also better known as ‘poor man’s saffron’ since many products achieve mustard color like saffron. Anatto is used lavishly in many food products as coloring agent.


Annatto seeds are the God’s gifts to cure the complicated diseases. They play a key role in preventing birth defects, healing deep wounds, resolving stomach issues and offer a viable herbal treatment for gonorrhoea. However, you should always consume it by discussing it with your physician.

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