Chickweed Health Benefits And Its Uses
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Plants and trees seldom cry, but they can experience feelings and pain. There is one plant named Mimosa pudica which is very unique. The leaves will fold inward when human being or animal touches it and spring back to normalcy after few minutes. This is a spectacular and very unique plant. The common name of this plant is touch-me-not. This topic will deal with a weed named chickweed. The botanical name of this weed is stellaria media. This plant which is a native of Europe grows in a cool season and is an annual plant. The other common names of this plant are chickenwort, craches, maruns and winterweed.

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This plant is naturalized in many parts of North America. This plant is fit for human and animal consumption. Chickweed germinates wonderfully in fall or winter, and then forms large mats of foliage. The color of the small flowers is pure white. This plant flowers and sets seed at the same time which is one of the unique aspects. Chickweed plant is edible and nutritious food. Many countries grow these plants as food crop. These species are treated as garden plants in North America and Europe.It can grow up to 50 cm tall. These plants grow in wild, deciduous forests, waste areas and cultivated fields.The leaves are oval in shape. The white petals are shorter than long green sepals.

Various Uses of Chickweed

Properties Of Chickweed


  • This plant contains chemical saponins which can be toxic when consumed in large quantities.
  • This plant is used in folk medicines for the treatment of pulmonary diseases and skin itching.
  • It has several culinary properties and many people use it in salads.
  • The patients suffering from arthritis, rheumatic problems, iron deficiency and respiratory diseases can consume these plants regularly after boiling for several minutes.
  • Chickweed salad is very popular in America and Europe. The flowers are star-shaped.
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