Chinese Broccoli Nutritional Value| List of Vegetables
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Chinese Broccoli

Plants have become an important fodder for animals, especially cattle. Farmers administer fodder to their cattle in a dried form. It is an agony to note that earth has lost hundreds of plants and trees in the recent past due to global warming and other external perils like bush fire. A unique aspect of a plant is that it has a capacity to grow massively, if planted in large numbers. This topic will deal with a plant named Chinese Broccoli which has its origin in China. The botanical name of this plant is Brassica rapa alboglabra. Alboglabra in Latin language means “white (albus) hairless (glabrus)”. So, this plant is white in color and hairless. Its flavor is very similar to that of Broccoli.Kai-lan seeds are sown in late summer and harvested during winter.

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Nutritional Value of Chinese Broccoli

Chinese Broccoli Leafy Vegetable

Chinese Broccoli

  • Chinese love this plant and use it as vegetable since it has lots of nutrition imbibed in it.
  • The other names of Chinese broccoli are kai-lan also written as gai-lan and Chinese kale.
  • It is a leafy vegetable which has green leaves with very thick stems.
  • Chinese include kai-lan in their recipes and use it lavishly in their food items.
  • Even Vietnamese, Myanmar and Thai include this broccoli in their day to day food items.
  • This broccoli has lots of vitamins, supplements and fiber.
  • The share of vitamin c is more in this specific plant.

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