Coriander And Its Immense Health Benefits
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Coriander And Its Immense Health Benefits!

Do you occasionally become a victim of annoying stomach pain? Well, the remedy is right there in your kitchen. Sipping a little amount of water soaked overnight in coriander powder can work better than those allopathic medicines. Of course, you get rid of the symptoms with no side effects at all, such an amazing pain relieving properties Cilantro has got.

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A Little History of Coriander

Coriander is a soft plant which belongs to the Apiaceae family. Its binomial name is coriandrum sativum and is native to south-eastern Europe and some parts of Asia, including India, China and more. Its use in traditional medicines has been in practice since ancient times.
This plant grows up to 2 feet and has tri-lobed leaves. When its oval shaped fruits get matured, they take the shape of seeds, sizing 4-6mm in diameter. Its seeds are spicy and aromatic and are extensively used in cooking. The best time to harvest these plants is when its leaves turn brown. Seeds can be separated from the coriander plants using a light roller coaster or by manual beating the sheaves with a stick.

Nutritional Facts of Coriander



The nutritional profile of coriander greatly varies among its leaves and fresh stems. Leaves are fully loaded with vitamin A, C and K with a moderate amount of dietary minerals (refer the table below for detail). Seeds, comparatively contain a low amount of vitamins, however, they are found to be extremely rich in calcium, magnesium, fibre and manganese.

Nutritional Value of Coriander leaves (raw) per 100 g (3.5 oz)

Some of the Less-Known Health Benefits of Coriander

1. It is A Cholesterol Killer:

Coriander contains a good amount of linoleic acid, ascorbic, oleic and palmitic acid that can act together to reduce the cholesterol levels in the blood. It acts on the bad cholesterol and help avoid life-threatening issues such as atherosclerosis and strokes.

2. Coriander Cures Anaemia:

Coriander is rich in iron that can eliminate iron deficiency issues such as anaemia. Shortness of breath and extreme fatigue are some of the common symptoms of this disease. Coriander can help alleviate these conditions.

3. Get Blessed With Good Bone Health:

Being rich in calcium, coriander protects the bones’ health. It supports bone re-growth functions and help keep bones degradation issues such as osteoporosis at bay.

4. It Helps Regulate Sugar Levels In Blood:

Coriander is known to regulate the sugar levels in the blood. For diabetic patients, it serves as a boon as it greatly assists in the absorption of the sugar which doesn’t allow sugar levels to drop or suddenly rise.

5. Say Goodbye To Eye Disorders:

Coriander is highly enriched with antioxidants, vitamin-A, C that prevent eye disorders like macular degeneration. For elderly people suffering from vision degradation, it acts to reverse the conditions – leaving eyes healthy all the time.

6. No More Sufferings From Mouth Ulcers:

Coriander is packed with Citronellol, a perfect antiseptic. Additionally, it has several other antimicrobial components that can boost the recovery from wounds. Its antiseptic properties encourage people to use it in their toothpaste to fight bad breath and gum diseases.




From here, you can conclude that coriander has immense health benefits. It has been popular among men for its aphrodisiac properties. After knowing these, how can someone resist himself from consuming it on a daily basis? Give it a try today and good health will be all yours!

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