Hijiki Benefits And Its Nutritional Aspects
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Plants and trees are versatile creatures gifted by god for human survival. Only very few people living in this world realizes the importance of the plant and grow in their houses lavishly. Earth has lost millions of trees in the past and this is the right time to plant millions of seeds in this beautiful earth. This topic will deal with a plant named hijiki which is commonly found in Japan, Korea and China.It finds a unique place in Japanese diets since they use this vegetable lavishly. The botanical name of this plant is Sargassum fusiforme.

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These plants are found in rocky coastal areas of Japan, China and Korea. Japanese are using these vegetables for centuries together and still they are using with much interest. The vegetables are rich in dietary fiber, essential minerals such as calcium, iron and magnesium. Japanese feel that regular use of hijiki in small proportions leads to thick and lustrous hair. The consumers of UK are purchasing the products made out of hijiki for the past 30 years and North Americans also like culinary items made out of hijiki.

Nutritional Aspects



  • It is green to brown color in the wild.
  • The fisherman and diver will harvest these plant with a sickle during the months of May from March.
  • After collecting from the sea, the weeds will be washed and boiled before consumption.
  • It is normally eaten with other food items.

Side Effects

Researchers have found that this plant has many toxic properties like arsenic and is dangerous consuming the culinary items made out of this vegetable.

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