Quinoa Seeds And Its Cultivational Uses
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Quinoa Seeds

Plants and trees live a different life on this earth and vanish after living for hundreds of years. Some seeds germinate at immaculate speed whereas few germinate slowly. But all the plants totally depend on the sunlight and the soil. They live a very useful life till they are in this earth. This topic will deal about Quinoa seed which is cultivated for its edible seeds. Quinoa originated in the Andean region of Peru, Bolivia, Ecuador and Colombia. Archeological evidence shows that these plants were domesticated 4000 years ago for human consumption. The botanical name for this plant is Chenopodium quinoa.

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Quinoa seeds have lots of nutritive properties like essential amino acids, calcium, phosphorous and iron. The seeds are cooked and added in wide variety of dishes. The leaves are also eaten as leaf vegetable. These plants grow up to 2 m high. The stem may be of different colors such as green, red or purple depending upon the variety.

Cultivational Uses

Quinoa Seeds


  • The flowers arise from the top of the plant or from the leaf axils.
  • The seeds coatings are unpalatable and the toxicity may result in mild respiratory diseases.
  • The birds will not eat these seeds since the coating is unpalatable.
  • So, these seeds can be cultivated without much of supervision.
  • After harvesting the coats are removed and sold in the market.
  • The seeds will be fit for human consumption only if the coating is removed by a processing.
  • These seeds are also rich in fiber and other rich vitamins.
  • These plants grow well in high altitude or in cool climate.
  • They grow well in well-drained soils and moderate salinity.
  • The farmers generally harvest these plants by hand and only in rare circumstance they use machines.
  • These grains are also grown in other popular countries such as America, Canada, Europe and China.

Quinoa Seeds And Its Cultivational Uses

Quinoa Seeds And Its Cultivational Uses

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