Szechuan a Japanese pepper And Benefits
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Guns n Roses is one of the most popular rock music bands in America. Many followers and listeners feel that this Music band became so popular since they have kept the name of the most famous flower’s name. Hundreds of famous lyricists have used the names of various popular plants and flowers in their famous poems and plays. Shakespeare has also used fragrant rich flowers name in his famous plays such as Hamlet and Romeo and Juliet. There are lots of video games related to plants and trees which are captivating the hearts of players.


This topic will deal with a pepper plant named Szechuan. The botanical name of this plant is Zanthoxylum piperitum. The other common names of this deciduous aromatic small tree or shrub are Japanese pepper, Japanese pricklyash, sansho. It is found naturally and abundantly in Hokkaido to Kyushu in Japan, Korea and China. The fruits or peppercorns of this plant is referred as “Japanese pepper” is used as a spice and sprinkled on the broiled eel dish. It is sprinkled in the blended spice called shichimi which is very famous in Japan. This small tree blooms during April to May and forms an auxiliary yellow-green flower clusters which measures 5mm. It is a dioecious plant. The flowers of the male plant are consumed as hana-sansho and the female flowers yield berries or peppercorns.

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Thorn less varieties namely Asakura sansho is widely cultivated in Japan. The branches have very sharp thorns and have odd-pinnate compound leaves. The finely ground pepper is sold in sealed packets and used mainly on broiled eel. But red chili pepper is not used on eel. The Japanese pepper is also used in noodles, soups, pickles and friend chicken. The young leaves and shoots are used to garnish grilled fish and soups. The young leaves are crushed and used in miso. This pepper is also used in many Japanese food items.

The immature green berries which are blanched and salted are known as ao-zansho. The berries are steeped in soy sauce and also cooked with fry fish. The Mount Kurama outskirts are a renowned area of the Japanese pepper. Wakayama Prefecture tops the chart by producing 80% of domestic production. This prefecture procures a variety namely grape sansho which bears large fruits and clusters like a bunch of grapes. Japanese pepper is also used in a non-sticky rice-cake namely goheimochi. It is also used in snack foods and sanso-mochi. The timber of this tree is made into rough-hewn wooden pestle. The Japanese and Chinese use the husks medicinally for treating several diseases. The mature husks with seeds removed are used in sansho. It is a main ingredient in bitter tincture. It contains fragrant rich oils geraniol, dipentene, citral and other such components.

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