Chaya | spinach Nutrition Facts
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Human beings and animals are very lucky creatures since they grow along with plants and trees. Trees not only give shades but also take care of the earth in many different ways. Living with these marvelous species is nothing but blessing in disguise. Some trees grow in dry land while others choose wet lands. This topic will deal with chaya plant which is a popular leafy vegetable in Mexico and Central America. The botanical name of this plant is Cnidoscolus aconitifolius.

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These leafy plants originated in Yucatan Peninsula of Mexico. The other common name of this plant is tree spinach since it resembles spinach. The leaves should be compulsorily washed and boiled before it is consumed since it has a toxic acid named hydrocyanic acid. This acid will vanish, if the leaves are boiled for a minute. Chaya is tolerant of heavy rains and droughts. The leaves are not harvested until the second year.

Nutrition Facts

Nutritional Value Of Chaya


  • This plant has greater amount of nutrients than spinach leaves.
  • Chaya is one of the most productive green vegetables.
  • It is rich in protein, vitamins, minerals, iron and calcium.
  • The nutrient content in chaya leaves is three times higher than any other leaves.
  • It is better to avoid aluminum vessel while cooking since it will become toxic substance.
  • This plant grows up to 12 feet high with or without stinging hairs. The unique aspect is up to 50% of the leaves can be harvested at one time.

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  1. Hyacinth Henry -Morris Reply

    some one gave a piece of this pant i plant it it grow every time my husband wanted to cut it down i told him not to touch it i was told that it was good but they did not say what was it for i need to know what the chaya plant is good for? i have a lot of joint pain i need to know if it ca help?

    • shipra Reply

      What you’ve taken is a great decision! Chaya is an excellent remedy for arthritis and it has been proven by Mexican national institute of nutrition and Texas A&M University. Compared to other leafy greens, chaya is rich in calcium, protein and iron. The anti-oxidant property of these leaves helps you get rid from ageing and inflammation problems. The oral addition of chaya in the form tea everyday maintains your blood glucose level. Being a meat substitute and calcium supplement, adding it to your daily diet chart keeps your joint pain at bay.

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