Paradise Nut Facts And Its Origin
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Paradise Nut

The joy will know no bound when someone discusses about the trees and its origins. Each and every tree is unique even though they look alike. The trees generally have both flowers and fruits. The fruits are also called as nuts. Millions of trees lives for hundreds of years and protects the eco-system. The trees are tall, medium and short depending upon their nature and the soil where they grow. This topic will deal about a wonderful tree named Paradise Nut. The botanical name for this tree is Lecythis usitata . These trees are famous in South America and found abundantly in the Amazonian forests of Brazil. It is also found largely in Guianas, Suriname, Venezuela, Ecuador and Honduras. This ecological friendly trees which is found in the Amazon forest is extremely beneficial to animals and humans.

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Properties Of Paradise Nut

Paradise Nut

The bats generally disperse the seeds and the seeds germinate quickly from the dispersed place. The fruits are quite big and are coconut sized. The nuts are used for human consumption and these nuts are used for the preparation of Edible oils. The nuts are rich in anti-oxidant and other nutrients. These trees grow up to 55 m tall and the bark is grayish-brown. These mind blowing trees which belong to Venezuela gives out beautiful flowers during June to September.

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