Sweet Scented Red Bopple Nut
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Red Bopple Nut

There are countless varieties of trees and some are extremely unique which sets it apart from other plants. One such wonderful tree is Red Bopple Nut. The botanical name for this plant is Hicksbeachia pinnatifolia. This plant is widely found in rain forest of New Zealand and Australia. This tree is very popular in Queensland, New Zealand. This is considered to be a very small tree which achieves a height of 10 m from ground level. The plant flowers during winter months and it heavily sweet-scented.

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Red Bopple Nut

Red Bopple Nut

The fruit generally sprout during spring and summer times. The size of the fruit is almost 2-4 cm long. This tree comes under Proteaceae family. This tree produces high quality nuts which has lots of nutrients. The leaves are extremely long and colorful. The tree needs maximum sun to grow neatly.

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